25 million faces

Mumbai is an immense and overwhelming anthill, which by itself, contains the extremes of the human condition. With so many interesting scenes and people to photograph I thought a street shoot would be a simple idea– it was anything but. I’ve traveled all over in my life but I’d never faced, with so much transparency, the fact of being a white tourist; holding in my hand a camera testifying my membership to a social class far in the minority here. I love to photograph faces that carry dreams with them, that carry hope, that bear witness to a life uniquely lived. I cast about for how best to mitigate the discomfort that spring up on both sides of a photograph… Certain photos engendered discussions with the subject, others were taken discretely from a distance, certain others provoked frustrations. To make a long story short, and to let the images speak for themselves, I believe that we will always feel a certain level of discomfort in this situation and in some ways I think this is good, allowing us to see how lucky and privileged we are to live in the conditions and decency we do.

INdian Barber
women selling flower